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30 Enemies

For lies, injustice and pure hatred.

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Oh joy of joys, yet ANOTHER numbered themes list community! How wonderfully original!

The general idea is that you pick a pair of enemies, your anti-pairing if you will, and write or draw 30 pieces.

Of course, you can't expect to be able to frolic around freely with no regards to any boundries. So make sure you pay attention to the

1. AFTER CHECKING THE CLAIMED LIST you can claim a free anti-pairing. While it would be easier (for yourself) to just stick with one, you can claim up to TWO anti-pairings from DIFFERENT fandoms. Trying to claim two anti-pairings from the same fandom would make other people in that fandom hate you for being a greedy bastard. And you don't want your entire fandom out for your blood, do you?

1b. Group vs. Group claims are accepted, so West Side vs. East Side is perfectly acceptable.

1c. And yes, you can request original enemies. It would help if you had a title for your original piece, but I'm okay with just having it under 'Original.' The word Original needs more love anyways.

2. Collaborations between TWO people is acceptable, but you BOTH must work on thirty themes. Not sixty. Thirty. Not 178973891. Thirty. Alternate between them, split them up into two sets of 15 or work together on every single one, but in the end we just want: Thirty.

3. Try to update at least once a month unless you have a good reason for not being able to do so, such as your computer died and the library/school/grandparents are chasing you with pitchforks or some family tragedy or something of the sort. If you don't update and someone who probably WOULD update wants that anti-pairing...Your loss!

4. Writing, drawing, or a combination of the two are perfectly acceptable. If a writer who suddenly uncovered a treasure trove of artistic talent wanted to give it a try (or vice-versa,) I won't say no.

5. Be as creative as you want! Interpret the themes however you wish! If you can write an angry fic for theme #21 or draw a humorous picture for theme #24, go you!

6. Ratings can be everywhere from G to NC-17 (or K to MA, or even have a 'recommended age' such as 0 and up though 402403 and up if you prefer that.)

7. When posting, I prefer the to have the information in this format:
Theme: (include the number AND theme please)
Summary: (optional, but would be nice)
Warnings: (if it has 'highly questionable' material like rape, devil worship or what have you. NECESSARY for anything R or higher, optional for lower ratings.)

And this in the subject line:
[Fandom] [Anti-Pairing] [Theme]

And make SURE that the story is under an lj-cut.

That just makes my life SO much easier and I might consider you slightly better than a foe.

7. Now that you've read the rules, request your anti-pairing in the 'I CHALLENGE YOU' post. AFTER reading the post of course.
If you managed to finish already (or just want to give up wimp,) comment in the Victory/Surrender post, AFTER reading the post of course.

8. Have fun or I'll send my goons out to 'borrow' your kneecaps!

1. Narcissism
2. Fools
3. Honor
4. Annihilate
5. Betrayal
6. Complex System
7. Seven Sins
8. Inhuman
9. Gamble
10. Thorns
11. Wound
12. Torture
13. Mutual
14. Key-less Lock
15. Midnight
16. Asylum
17. Foreshadowing
18. Secrets
19. Hell
20. King or Queen
21. Banana
22. Sword
23. Poison
24. True Hatred
25. Trespassing
26. Black mail
27. Demonic Angel
28. Mercy
29. Death
30. Finality